Storage facility

StorageHub was designed to support the various needs for individuals and businesses seeking storage space, with units ranging in size from 5x5 feet to 10x20 feet. The building features energy efficient heating and cooling systems, WiFi access, video surveillance and electronic access security systems, key pad access, and more.  In an effort to reduce the building’s energy footprint, the renovation process included the installation of LED light fixtures, new HVAC units, and new insulation throughout the entire building.  

Get More. Spend Less.

Storage Hub helps you get more and spend less with just the right storage solutions for your home and business. Our facilities are clean, convenient, well lit, temperature controlled and affordable. Simply unload your belongings into your unit, and you're on your way. Our service can't be beat. 

Customer Service Matters.

Customer satisfaction and excellence in service are our top priorities and our key competitive advantage. We demonstrate our philosophy whenever we answer customer questions or concerns. We believe efficiency and attention to detail are critical to our success. We offer outstanding solution that we know will help meet your needs... and we devote all of our resources to accomplish this.  

Peace of mind

At Storage Hub we understand how important your things are to you. We are an industry leader when it comes to safety and security. Our facilities are well lit, and are equipped with surveillance cameras, which operate 24 hours a day.  

more good reasons to choose storage hub

Temperature Control

 Extreme temperature changes can cause damage. We maintain a consistent temperature to ensure that your belongings are protected.  

Everyday Access

 You can access your storage unit 365 days a year.  

Moving & Packing Supplies

 Our warm and inviting retail center has all the packing and moving supplies you need for a smooth and stress free move.